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Joomla Installation and its types

Joomla is one of the most popular software which allows you to design the websites, create templates and prepare the CMS systems for the websites. This is basically a series of PHP scripts that allow you to develop your website. The templates that can be designed with the installed Joomla are often ready to add a lot of magnitude to the website.

It completely depends on you how you would like to see the website. If this is a retail or shopping website then you can add the features like shopping carts, product details and reviews. The rich look of the site can be obtained suing the shadow and brightness effect. Then there are options like using the simple styles where you have a lighting effect all over the site especially on the layout and also opt for the slide show option.

The CMS system can be designed with Joomla and this is always very efficient in handling the important files of the websites. It allows the users to edit or create content and also manage the image and audio files of the website. The security measures, plugins etc are other essential features of Joomla that can make your website just perfect from all aspects.

The first step towards using the Joomla for the development of your website is to install it in the system. Once the Joomla installation is done you are free to design the required areas. There are two types of Joomla installations. You can either opt for the default installation or do it manually.

The installation guidebook for the manual installation of Joomla contains quite a number of important features. The initial part will definitely contain the title and details of acknowledgements. Then it will tell you about the minimum features which you must have in your system to develop a website with this software.

Then it will help you out with the options of remote as well as local hosting. The password is another important fact that the installation manual talks about. In case of any sorts of errors you will have to refer to the CHMOD 777 components which will allow you to install the matter in your system without any mistake.

Finally you will have to check whether the installation is complete. When there are errors, you will have to wait till the installation is complete then create a different file that should be uploaded in the system.

You can download the manual for Joomla installation from the websites which specialize in free Joomla applications.  Fantastico is also another option that can prove to be quite helpful in web hosting. In order to install the Joomla application you need to use the web services.

There are quite a number of parameters which you will have to maintain while installing Joomla to your system. As these options are easily available on the web you are free to select this service from any of the resources that you fell is convenient for you and make sure you are following the instructions accurately.


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