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Impacts of using SEF urls in Joomla sites

This is a common fact that the site that you develop to promote your online business should be a search engine friendly one as this is the only way to generate organic traffic for the site without spending extra money on advertising. Now if you feel that in order to make a site perfectly search engine friendly you just need to create keyword rich content or use the other common tricks then you are wrong.

Though they are quite important when it comes to traffic generation, still if you can use the search engine friendly urls in the sites it would be great from the perspective of both you and the search engines. Now this is quite popular now-a-days to design your website with Joomla which is a series of scripts written in PHP programming language. This is possible to use the SEF urls in the Joomla sites.

Understanding the requirement of using SEF urls in the Joomla sites, the makers have updated the Joomla version and they have also developed some tools to turn on the settings. In the Global configuration you have to execute few steps. First of all you need to install the Joomla to the system. Then you have to set the option of “SEF urls” on and then save it in the system.

Then add the “Suffix” to the urls and again save it. The fourth step would be turning on the “Use Apache mod_rewrite” option and saving it in the system. If you are looking forward to make the site absolutely perfect from the Seo point of view then the first two steps mentioned above are important wherein the last two are optional.

In fact if there is no such compulsion you not really need to perform the last two steps in most of the cases. The reason is that not performing these will not affect the search engine ranking much.

Now that you have got an idea about using the SEF urls in the Joomla site you should understand the reason and impact of it. We all know that whenever a search is performed by a user the search engine spiders crawl through the web and find out which website is most relevant to the searched keywords.

Depending upon the relevancy they index the sites in the result pages. Now the usage of the SEF urls will make the most important keywords describing your site to appear on the URL section. This will definitely impress the search engines and they will feel that this is the most relevant page for their visitor.

Hence they will not take much time to index your site to the initial pages. This is the reason why many people are taking keen interest in putting the SEF urls to their Joomla sites. The makers of the software also understand the fact clearly. And keeping this in mind they have designed the option of using the Sets in the Joomla sites.


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