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Search engine marketing and Joomla sites.

If you are a website developer and you have a Joomla website, one of things that you want for your website is to be visited. You want the contents of your site to be read, you want to generate website traffic. The traffic is the number people that are visiting your website measured by the number of clicks to your site, website hits and website visits.

Today, it is a constant battle between websites to be read and visited. The more traffic you generate, the more popular your website is, and the more money you make. According to a survey done by Forrester Research back in 2006, search engines lead 81% of consumer and potential customers to websites. Now, in 2008, people seem to rely more on websites and have grown too lazy to go to a mall even for the smallest purchases.

Famous search websites such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, and AOL employ the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service providers to be sure of their websites are of superior visibility and will always be at the top of list in search engine results. Professional Search Engine Optimization and search engine marketing companies worldwide keep on conducting studies and researches to boost traffic for many websites. Search Engine Optimization in itself is one of the fundamental parts of an online marketing strategy. The goal here is to make the most out of search engines. Studies show that keyword related marketing contributes to an average of 80%-90% percent of a website’s overall traffic. It is very important that a website tries to improve its search engine optimization. But how does a website go about generating web traffic thru search engines?

Joomla site success is about content and keyword. And you can improve on this area by creating more and more content on your website. If for instance a user searches for “watches”, you are halfway in winning the race if you can appear on the web search results, and this can be possible by having articles and content with the word watches or anything about watches in your website. The key here is having diversity and a huge number of articles for web content. A good vocabulary can help when it comes to writing articles. The more words you use the more chances that you can end up at the top of the list of the next search engine search.

After clicking, you also need to make the visitor of your website stay on your page. By clicking more links that can be found within your website (links that will read to further reading of an articles, more contents to read, etc) you can get more points and boost on the site on the site traffic.

Indeed, the marketing of Joomla sites thru the use of search engines can give a strong and powerful competitive edge over several competitors. And of course, good traffic for the website is never a bad news for a Joomla site developer. A large amount of site visitors is a very clear indicator that you are making the most of your site, optimizing it, and the best thing of all – bringing in more money.


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